Public lecture - How magnets work

When: Tuesday 21 April 2020
Where: The Cutler's Hall, Sheffield, UK
Time: 17:45-18:30

We use magnets throughout every day. They make possible much of modern life, from our electricity supply and low carbon energy, to the internet, household devices, efficient and ‘smart’ cars, and industrial machines. Yet how magnets work is a mystery to most people. This interactive talk will explain the inner workings of the magnets used in modern applications, and introduce some of the latest research ideas on magnetic materials that could have a profound effect on the way we live. The talk will include demonstrations and opportunities to engage with the UK’s leading researchers in magnetic materials.

This lecture is an accessible introduction to magnetic materials for non-experts, including school students and will be given by Dan Allwood, a Professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield. 

Booking information

Participants attending the Magnetism conference do not need to book to attend this lecture. Visitors for the lecture should reserve their space online via the events calendar at